Terms & Conditions

Last updated: October 1st, 2021

Personal & Unique (hereinafter “the Company”) operates the Personal & Unique website (hereinafter “the Website”) to sell personalized gifts (hereinafter “Product”, “Products”) and is responsible for all the actions users (hereinafter “User”, “Users”) take on the Website sections.

This page contains important information about users’ legal rights and obligations when using the Website and the service (hereinafter “the Service”); the Service being the purchase of the personalized gifts (hereinafter “Product”, “Products”).

The following document represents a collection of Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) users (hereinafter “User”, “Users”) must abide when accessing, using, and navigating the Website, and all of its sections, as well as when purchasing the Products. Users are advised to read the following document, as accessing and using the Website, and all of its sections and/or Service implies that the User has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and is bound by the Terms without exception. The Company recommends reading Terms and Conditions periodically, as the Company reserves the right to modify the Terms at any given moment, and is not obligated to notify the Users regarding the changes made in the document.

If Users have objections regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Website, or Service it provides, they should refrain from using the Website.


On the Website, Users can search through personalized gifts (Products) that are offered on the Website.

Use of the Products and the Service is in compliance with the Terms and Conditions mentioned in this document.


“Products” is a commonly known term for all personalized gifts the Company offers on the Website.

The Company is obligated to make commercial efforts when providing titles and descriptions of the Products. The Company does not warrant that a Product can be represented using only a Product title or description. The Company advises Users to read carefully Product titles, and descriptions, before purchasing the Products.

Additionally, on each Product page, the Company provides sizes of product, which Users can see for each Product. The Company advises the Users to check these sizes before buying each Product.


The Service allows Users to:

– Search for the personalized gifts (Products) on the Website.

– Purchase Products.

Users can search through personalized gifts (Products) that are offered on the Website by navigating the pages. To purchase Products, Users must visit the Product page, enter personalization details and click the button “ADD TO CART”. Once added to the cart, the Product(s) will be placed in the online shopping cart, the “Bag” which is placed in the top right corner. When clicking on the “Bag” option, Users can see a list of ordered Products, can increase Product quantity or remove the Product(s), by clicking on the “Remove” link.

To make purchases, Users are required to click on the button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”, which will lead them to a page that requires Users to provide personal data before making a purchase and paying for the Products. The Company is obligated to use organization and technical resources that help create strong security controls and prevent personal data loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration. For more information on personal data collecting, Users are advised to read the pages Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


As previously mentioned, to be able to purchase the Products, Users must provide personal data 一 first and last names, as well as addresses, ZIP codes, cities, phone numbers and the companies they work for (optional). Besides these required fields, Users can check a “CREATE AN ACCOUNT?” checkbox that allows Users to create accounts, and “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS” that enables Users to change shipping addresses. Collecting and processing of Users’ personal data is managed in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

When making purchases, Users agree to provide all the necessary information required for such action. The information needs to be true, valid, and up to date, and the Users are responsible for the truthfulness, absoluteness, of such information. If the Company suspects that the User provided false, incomplete, or outdated information, the Company reserves the right to decline to ship the Product(s) and/or to suspend the User’s account temporarily, or to cancel it permanently.

The Company advises Users to protect their registered accounts, keeping the account passwords confidential, and without disclosing passwords to third parties. The User must not allow other Users to access the Website through the User’s account nor is the User permitted to access the Website using the account of another User.

Users take full responsibility for the operations that are managed through their accounts. If the Users suspect that their accounts have been compromised, they must inform the Company immediately by sending an email to wecare@personalandunique.com. In such a case, the Company may suspend temporarily or cancel Users’ accounts.

Users acknowledge that they use the Website and its Service at their own risks and responsibility. The Company does not accept responsibility for the misuse of the Website. The Users are responsible for the damages to the Company resulting from their misuse of the Website and the Service, which breaches the Terms and Conditions and agree to indemnify the Company. Without limitation, the Users assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction in the event of any such loss or damage arising. If applicable law does not allow all or any part of the above-mentioned limitation of liability to apply to you, the limitations will apply to you only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

If the User wants to cancel the order, the User can contact the Company in the next 12 hours from the moment of ordering by sending an email to wecare@personalandunique.com, explaining the issue. Because of a specific type of Product (personalized item) the order can be canceled only if it is not being processed, that is, if the Product hasn’t been produced. 


Prices of the Products are stated in Euros and GBP Pounds on the Website and without calculated VAT. The Company is entitled to modify the price for the Products at any given time without notifying the Users.

Personal and unique is not responsible for the collection or refund of any taxes, extra fees for customs or payment processes such as import taxes, IOF and administrative fees. By purchasing at personalandunique.com you agree to be responsible for payment of possible customs fees that may be charged upon arrival of the order to your country of destination.

The Users are required to pay for the Products in advance, through PayPal (money processor). Users are required to follow the payment instructions stated in the Website.

Payment processing through PayPal is within third-party sites. When buying a Product or Products, the User authorizes the Company to collect the corresponding price through the chosen payment method. To protect Users’ identities and personal data, in compliance with the Privacy Policy, the Company does not store payment information on the Website or any database.

Once the User purchases the Product or Products, the Website screen will confirm the purchase. Additionally, twenty-four (24) hours since the acceptance of the order, the User will receive a confirmation email, containing the receipt of the purchase.

The Service will be considered as completed once the Users receive the purchased Products.


After the purchase has been completed and the payment has been received, the Company will produce and pack the purchased Products and ship them using Postal Service (standard delivery) or courier service (express delivery). 

All orders are processed and shipped up to three working days since the moment the order was placed (and the payment has been received). For example, if the User places an order on Friday or during the weekend, the Products will be sent by Tuesday. The Company does not ship on national holidays or any other day that a delivery Company’s partner considers being a holiday or non-working day.

Shipping rates vary based on the location the Products are shipped to, as well as the number and the type of ordered Products (weight and size).


Understandably, personalized items cannot be accepted for return, unless there is a manufacturing error or product defect.The Company will gladly accept all returning Products in the cases when the Product has not been manufactured properly or is produced with defect. The Company guarantees that personalized products are free of manufacturing errors or product defects. The Company inspect every item again for quality and accuracy before it ships to User.

Users can return the Products 14 working days after the Products have been received. Before returning the Products, Users are obligated to send an email to wecare@personalandunique.com 24 hours after the delivery date, mentioning that they would like to return the Products and a reason behind such action. Once the Company accepts the User’s request, the User will receive a confirmation email. Since the moment the User receives a notification, the User has 14 working days to return the Product.

If Users decide to return the Products, they are required to return the Products in the original packaging, with no damages or signs that the Products have been used. If the Products are returned any differently than it is stated, the Company is not required to issue a refund. Users that wish to return the Products are responsible for the shipping costs. However, if the User is returning the Product as a result of Company’s mistake, the Company is responsible for handling shipping costs.

The Users have to be aware that the Company is not obligated to replace the items that have been damaged from use. All products must be returned in the condition they were shipped, with the package case intact.

If there is no Product in stock that can be sent to the User, the User will receive an email containing a coupon code, or any other product that is within the same price range as the Product that is the subject of the return.

Products that are damaged in transport are the responsibility of the selected courier service . The Company will not be held responsible for such misconduct of the Products. For any futher informations, please contact the Company at wecare@personalandunique.com.  


Users must use the Website and the Service in compliance with the Terms and Conditions and in good business practice. Users are obligated to access the Website and/or purchase the Products, with a genuine and legitimate interest.

When accessing, and navigating the Website, or purchasing the Products (completing the Service), Users agree not to use the Service for fraudulent purposes. Additionally, Users agree not to conduct any action that could damage the interests or rights of the Company and the Website, or perform any activity that can interfere with the use of the Website or the Service, and impact the security of the Website. Actions that prohibited strictly are:

– User’s impersonation of another User.

– The use of mobile applications, robots and spiders, programs, and/or tools to access, or control any part or parts of the Website or Service.

When accessing and browsing the Website, and using the Service, Users are obligated to use only the method or system that is authorized explicitly by the Company. Any other method of accessing the Website is strictly prohibited.


Users agree to use the Website and the Service at their own risks, and to their own responsibility. The Company is not responsible for any misuse or contempt of the Terms and Conditions. If the User damages the Company, by misusing the Website and the Service, breaching the Terms and Conditions, the User must indemnify the Company according to the result of the User’s breach of the Terms.

The Company does not warrant the availability, reliability, quality, or accuracy of the Website and the Service for any damages that may occur and result from:

– Viruses, technical problems, power cuts, failure of telecommunication networks, Website traffic overload, overload in the communication network, overload in the electricity grid.

– User’s equipment.

– Third-party actions.

– Website maintenance or software updates.

– Any other type of interference that is beyond the Company’s direct control.

If one or all of the mentioned interferences occur, while the Users are involved in the Website or Service, and the use of the Website and the Service is at risk, the Company will not be held responsible for any damage done to the Users.


Website Users are required to use the Website content and navigate the Website without performing unauthorized reproduction.

The Company holds the license and all intellectual property rights of the Website, the Service, as well as the Website design, its source code, and all content included in the Website (images, graphics, text, logos, trademarks, icons, buttons, etc.). Accordingly, unauthorized reproduction, redistribution of the Website, the Service, and the Products is strictly forbidden.

If the User believes that their intellectual property has been compromised by the Company, the User is required to notify the Company by sending an email to wecare@personalandunique.com. The Company will issue the request and remove such content from the Website if the claim is determined to be true.


If provisions included in the Terms and Conditions are invalid or unenforceable, they will be excluded from the document and substituted with the enforceable ones. The Company is not obligated to inform Users if such change occurs. The Users are advised to review the content of this document periodically, so that they may be informed about the latest provisions and changes.

For more information regarding the Terms and Conditions, Users can contact the Company by sending an email to wecare@personalandunique.com